Robert Moses State ParkRobert Moses State ParkRobert Moses State ParkRobert Moses State Park

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Robert Moses State Park

875 acres, with 60%- 70% developed for public recreational use

Last Updated: May 5, 2021 - Contributors: Robert-H.

Standing on the observation deck right near the edge of the park boundary next to the Fire Island National Seashore provides a beautiful view of the Fire Island lighthouse along with the Atlantic Ocean and the beach grass blowing on the dunes.

This park is extremely large. Upon crossing the Fire Island Inlet Bridge, Fields 2 and 3 are to the right of the water tower and Fields 4 and 5 are to the left of the water tower. All of the fields contain beaches and boardwalks. Field 2 has a small pitch and putt golf course. Field 5 has a playground. There is adequate parking in all areas. Field 5 also contains a beautiful trail that leads to the Fire Island National Seashore and Fire Island Lighthouse.

The beach is a decent size with dunes up near the boardwalk. The dunes have beach grass growing on them. The intertidal zone contains a wide variety of shells as well as seaweed. There was no marine life present today, but in the past I have observed jelly fish on the shore.

This is a beautiful park/beach and has something to offer for everyone. Yet, there are not many benches along the boardwalk specifically in field 5. Also, the boardwalk is beginning to break down a bit with some boards missing or broken.

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What's Doing Great?
- Yes, Good Boundaries (adequate signage, no encroachment by neighboring properties)
- Yes, Good Trails (well marked and maintained, minimal erosion)
natural conditions
- Yes, Good Natural Conditions (minimum invasive species)
- Yes, Good Protection (lacks any signs of vandalism, garbage, illegal ATV's, dumping, etc)
What Needs Improvement?
public access issues
- either related to parking, safety, or amenities need improvement
trail issues
- either showing signs of erosion, poor signage, needs updating, or in need of ongoing maintenance
What's There?
- either bluffs, dunes, beach grass, seaside goldenrod, beach pea
- either bay, estuary, ocean, shoreline, intertidal, mudflat 

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