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Fireplace Neck

Fireplace Neck

roughly 400 acres; with majority NYSDEC & USFWS

Limited public access, we are looking for more information. Besides two small parking spaces at the end of Mott Lane, a north-south corridor may give additional access off of Beaver Dam Road and Burnett Lane. However, the map location points to a put in point for boating at Squassux Landing.

"During much of the 19th century, Brookhaven was known as Fireplace; but this name has not been used since 1871 when it officially became Brookhaven. Because the hamlet is in the Town of Brookhaven, there is regular confusion between them—it's almost become a habit when describing where I live to make it clear that it's the hamlet! [1]"


[1] - http://brookhavensouthhaven.org/default.htm

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Fireplace Neck

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