Old Town Road GreenwayOld Town Road GreenwayOld Town Road GreenwayOld Town Road Greenway

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Old Town Road Greenway

7.5 miles of roadside edge with adjacent open spaces

A nature based solution to climate change involves planting roadsides; plants can absorb carbon emissions from passing cars [1].

Old Town Road is "the oldest road of any great length ... running from Setauket in a south easterly direction through Coram to Fireplace (Old Town Road). It was opened soon after the town was settled and was the main thoroughfare of travel from the town capitol at Setauket to the settlement at Mastic and the meadows. For many years it was used more than any long road in the town[2]." 

Plantings along the Old Town Road Greenway continue to beautify this linear greenway, and also contribute to a nature based solution to climate change.


[1] - https://www.montana.edu/news/15099/msu-biologist-says-plants-growing-along-roadways-capture-carbon-help-mitigate-auto-emissions

[2] - Footnotes to Long Island History - Old Roads of Brookhaven Town - by Thomas R. Bayles - sourced from Longwood Central School District web pages

Photocredit: Google and colorful tulip from Old Town Blooms Facebook page.

What Needs Improvement?
natural landscaping issues
- either means there are invasive species dominating an area, needs ecological restoration, or wildlife habitat management
What's There?
forests & woodlands
- either hardwoods (leaves drop - oak, hickory, etc.), more open woodland, or shrublands

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