Percy B Raynor Memorial ParkPercy B Raynor Memorial ParkPercy B Raynor Memorial ParkPercy B Raynor Memorial Park

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Percy B Raynor Memorial Park

55 acres, with approx. 35 acres woodland; with remaining athletic fields

Behind the ballfields, westward, there's a lovely woodland, transitional between the wooded forests found along the North Shore and the open pine barrens. There's grassy opening of sedge and white oaks, with some pitch pines and even a white pine tree.  The property backs up on a utility power line where there are grasses and some woodies. 

Since 2017, there is an approved BMX trail to be placed in this woodland, but is on hold because of insurance questions.  Meanwhile, there is encroachment from adjacent residential housing with illegal dumping.

What Needs Improvement?
boundary encroachment issues
dumping and vandalism issues
public access issues
- either related to parking, safety, or amenities need improvement
What's There?
forests & woodlands
- either hardwoods (leaves drop - oak, hickory, etc.), more open woodland, or shrublands
pine barrens
- pitch pine (evergreen, 3 needle pine) dominates the tree canopy, with sandy soils and bushfires common

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