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Carpenter Farm ParkCarpenter Farm ParkCarpenter Farm ParkCarpenter Farm Park

Carpenter Farm Park

12 acres

Recently Updated: June 21, 2021; Contributors: Mindy-B.

"These 12.4 acres of rolling hills — once a horse farm — are currently undergoing native plant restorations, which will return these seasonally dry wetlands to the bucolic prairie meadows of earlier times. During the summer, enjoy the antics of butterflies hovering over the 2,000 square foot monarch butterfly garden, featuring flowers of milkweed, Joe Pye Weed, cardinal flower, and bee balm, just to name a few. Then view and learn about recently planted native shrubs, growing in the hedgerow between the two meadows."

Yet, all volunteer efforts have been stopped because of ongoing drug activities. In January, two men carrying a machete and a blade walked through the property during a volunteer day. This happened in January, and is still unresolved.

What Needs Improvement?
public access issues
- either related to parking, safety, or amenities need improvement
natural conditions issues
- either means there are invasive species dominating an area, needs ecological restoration, wildlife habitat management, or naturally landscaped gardens need weeding. 
drug activity issues
- regular selling of drugs in parking lot
What's There?
- either fields, meadows, grasslands with  various milkweeds, asters, native grasses, etc.
forests & woodlands
- either hardwoods (leaves drop - oak, hickory, etc.), more open woodland, or shrublands

Carpenter Farm Park

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