Pine Barrens Trail CenterPine Barrens Trail CenterPine Barrens Trail CenterPine Barrens Trail Center

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Pine Barrens Trail Center

4.77 acres

A great trail center and historic building in Manorville, with trails leading into the Long Island Pine Barrens. For many, many years, the LI Greenbelt Trail Conference jointly managed the Pine Barrens Trail Center with Suffolk County Parks. Due to lack of resources both bailed out, and the building closed. More recently Quality Parks attempted to reopen the building, spearheading an initiative for several nonprofits to rally together and work with Suffolk County Parks to reopen the building.

Suffolk County Parks declined to sign a contract with more than one environmental organization, nor with Quality Park who rightly so didn't have the resource to run it alone.  A fall back measure was to gain key access, which was denied. The building locked.   More recently, the Manorville Historical Society has been in negotiation with Suffolk County Parks.   Meanwhile, yearly "Spruce Ups" and needed repairs reporting of the grounds and the building have stopped. 

"According to Suffolk County Legislature Deputy Presiding Officer Kara Hahn, a 20-year lease agreement was green-lighted allowing Brookhaven Bicycle Inc. to use two Suffolk County facilities, the Raymond P. Corwin Pine Barrens Train Center and the former Methodist Church of Manorville, located at Robert Cushman Murphy County Park in Manorville. Both a bicycle repair facility and bicycle distribution center will be created to help people in need of transportation and to offer bicycle educational programs, county officials said [1]. "

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pine barrens
- pitch pine (evergreen, 3 needle pine) dominates the tree canopy, with sandy soils and bushfires common

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