Hither Hills State Park (Walking Dunes)Hither Hills State Park (Walking Dunes)Hither Hills State Park (Walking Dunes)Hither Hills State Park (Walking Dunes)

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Hither Hills State Park (Walking Dunes)

approx. 200 of 1400 acres

Parking is limited, so avoid days when crowded. Great local area for traditional harvesting of wild cranberries.  Trails loop the area. Hilly walking. 

Observe how the dunes appear to be walking over the pine barrens.  Noteworthy: The dunes walk in a geologic time frame.

What's There?
- either bluffs, dunes, beach grass, seaside goldenrod, beach pea
- either ponds, freshwater wetlands, wet meadows, wet woodlands, swamps, marshes, lakes, streams
- either bay, estuary, ocean, shoreline, intertidal, mudflat 
pine barrens
- pitch pine (evergreen, 3 needle pine) dominates the tree canopy, with sandy soils and bushfires common

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