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Fire Island National SeashoreFire Island National SeashoreFire Island National SeashoreFire Island National Seashore

Fire Island National Seashore

"19,580.29 acres of marine and terrestrial property [2]"

Last Updated - May 5, 2021 - Contributors: Mindy-B. and Robert-H.

Note: Access is Robert Moses State Parks,  Smith Point County Park. or by the Fire Island Ferries from Sayville.

The park as a whole is very large, but the area I explored is located in Kismet, the community located at the western end of Fire Island. There was a trail that lead to the park from Robert Moses State Park. This trail leads to the Fire Island lighthouse. The trail continues until it turns into a small road and leads into the town.  Yet, the trail could afford to be maintained a bit better. The wooden boards marking the trail are not in the best shape. Also, I did not see any parking.

"More than 330 species of birds have been recorded on Fire Island, more than 1/3 of all species found in North America. Fire Island is without a doubt one of the best birding locations in the New York area, particularly during the spring and fall migrations. Located along the Atlantic migratory flyway, Fire Island plays host to a wide variety of both migratory and resident bird species [1]." 


Apr-Jun 2021
What's Doing Great?
- Yes, Good Protection (lacks any signs of vandalism, garbage, illegal ATV's, dumping, etc)
natural conditions
- Yes, Good Natural Conditions (minimum invasive species)
- Yes, Good Boundaries (adequate signage, no encroachment by neighbors)
What Needs Improvement?
trail issues
- showing signs of erosion, poor signage, needs updating, or in need of maintenance
What's There?
- along shorelines;  flood buffer, provides cover for young fish, pungent mucky soils
pine barrens
- pitch pine (evergreen, 3 needle pine) dominates the tree canopy, with sandy soils and bushfires common
- either bay, estuary, ocean, shoreline, intertidal, mudflat 
- ponds, wet meadows, swamps, marshes, lakes, or streams
forests & woodlands
- either hardwoods (leaves drop - oak, hickory, etc.), more open woodland, or shrublands

Fire Island National Seashore

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