McAllister County ParkMcAllister County ParkMcAllister County ParkMcAllister County Park

McAllister County Park

Immediate Action Needed: Unchecked mountain bicycling trail system impacting wilderness (Spring, 2020)

McAllister County Parks is aglow with a wilderness of beach, water, and breathtaking views. On the east side of Port Jefferson Harbor, it includes Pirates Cove (created by dredging sand used in NYC, years ago, to make concrete), dune and salt marsh habitats.

This is an excellent area for coastal and endangered bird species protection.  Explore areas of cedar groves and dune grass. Bring water, snacks, hat and sunglasses.  Access is limited to parking on Anchorage Road or local public beaches. Keep an on eye on changing tides, poison ivy, and ticks.

Who manages its habitats, and its size?
- Suffolk County Parks
- Coastal Beach,Salt Marsh
- 75.92 acres

Park Concerns
sustainable trails
immediate action needed

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