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Flax PondFlax PondFlax PondFlax Pond

Flax Pond

approx. 493 acres - primary owners: NYSDEC, with Town of Brookhaven (beachfront)

The Flax Pond Marine Laboratory is adjacent to the trail's access. Be careful of the steel fence, protecting a solitary tree, when parking and pulling out. Back in the day, we protested a "Do Not Park" sign posted in this facility. Flax Pond was purchased with open space funds and included a provision for public access. The sign came down. Today, there's a beautiful path in the woods that leads to the newly constructed bridge. It's a popular destination, and thus needs more boardwalks to reduce impact on the marsh by foot traffic.  On the far side of the bridge,  you'll be sloshing in water at high tide.  Flax Pond Inlet has a strong current, so beware.

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forests & woodlands
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Flax Pond

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