Pauquakconsuk WoodFieldPauquakconsuk WoodFieldPauquakconsuk WoodFieldPauquakconsuk WoodField

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Pauquakconsuk WoodField

Pauquakconsuk WoodField is an informal name given in honor of its woodlands, open fields, and hunting grounds. Just east of the North Shore Methodist Church. expect to spend a few hours exploring its sandy trails.  Pauquaconsuk is the original Native American Indian name for Wading River.


  • Boundary encroachment (last updated 10/2020)
  • Illegal BMX trails are active and reestablished. (last updated 10/2020)
  • No public access parking on Route 25A (last updated 10/2020)
  • Field is changing from a grassy meadow to shrubs (last updated 10/2020)

What are the park habitats? And how big is it?
- Grasslands,Forest,Old Field,Pine Barrens,Woodlands
- 228.24

Park Issues
boundary encroachment
dumping and vandalism
public access
Principal Managers
Operations (631) 444-0315 - snow plowing parking lots
Suffolk County Parks
Town of Brookhaven

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