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Belmont Lake State ParkBelmont Lake State ParkBelmont Lake State ParkBelmont Lake State Park

Belmont Lake State Park

463 acres

Contributors: Dec 5, 2021 (Joe-P.) - June 10, 2021 (Melissa-G.)  April 27th, 2021 (Robert-H.)

Overall Observations: Walking through Belmont Lake State park I noticed a number of signs telling pedestrians where certain locations and destinations are. There were also signs telling people about certain animal and plant species in the park. Then I saw a number of bird species inhabiting the large lake and rivers. This lake is very accessible. Finally there were a large amount of garbage cans so people can dispose of garbage properly.

I come here year round and it's always enjoyable. It's very spacious and you have so many things to do. I see see a big pond, bike/ hike trails, big fields, lots of picnic tables, kid playgrounds, an ice cream truck. I see regular paddle boats and swan paddle boats. The park is very large with a lot of open space and picnic areas. There are not too many different types of plants, but a ton of trees. 

Long Island Explorer Observations:  I noticed a large amount of Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) inhabiting the waters of Belmont State Park. The Canada Geese seemed to be diving down and swimming under water to search for food. Also the Canada Geese stayed in the center of the lake surrounded by some islands with tress on them. 

Freshwater Observations: There are a few small bridges that span over small creeks. There are a few small areas of land in the middle of the lake that appeared to contain trees and grass.   Belmont State Park has a fresh water lake and multiple rivers. In these waters I noticed Canada Geese, Seagulls, Swans, and Mallard Ducks. Also I saw some small fish but could not identify what type they were as they swam away, and since it is cold there were no water plants in the lake right now. 

Trail Observations: There were a few trails that connected different areas of the park. The trails were lined with trees, grass, and some plants. The trails were narrow and contained pedestrians and cyclists. There were a few creeks that flowed next to the trails. Belmont Lake State Park connects with Phelps Lane Park if you take the trail under the bridge to the left of the pond it follows all the way. the parks trails look pretty similar, they both have a lot of trees and dirt paths. [Editor's note: Phelps Lane Park is a very developed, and thus not listed in this directory].  The closest park located to Belmont State Park is Southards pond located just south in Babylon and there is a bike trail that connects these two parks together with signs telling you what direction to go in. 

Wildlife Observations: I observed geese, swans, and ducks in and around the lake and creeks. Ticks were not an issue today. There were also narrow creeks running toward the lake. These also contained ducks. This water had algae growing. I've seen swans and ducks swimming and eating bread. I saw a water snake and fish jumping in the pond, birds chirping and flying around in the trees, and people riding horses on the trails. I saw a lot of bird species including Canada Geese, Swans, Mallard Ducks and Seagulls, and small fish I could not identify in the water. On land I observed a large amount of grey squirrels and I saw one sparrow.

What Needs Improvement: The benches in the picnic area are old and some are breaking, so they could use some new ones. The trails are nice, but they are a bit narrow and not much room for people walking and biking. It would be improved if they had a separate area for biking and walking. There are no rails or signs to protect people from the lake. Additionally, the bathrooms could use serious renovation.  Overall Belmont State Park is very clean with little to no garbage in the lake and grass areas. However, I noticed a decent amount of garbage in the river systems, so cleaning up the rivers should be improved.

*** Editor's Note: In December versus the summer there was a good wilderness experience. 

What's There?
forests & woodlands
- either hardwoods (leaves drop - oak, hickory, etc.), more open woodland, or shrublands
- Freshwater systems are permanent or periodically flooded, with with saturated soils and plant species that are adapted to wet conditions. They can be bogs, wet meadows, marshes, swamps, forested wetlands, ponds, lakes, rivers.
What's Doing Great?
- Yes, Good Boundaries (adequate signage, no encroachment by neighbors)
interpretive signs
Yes, Good Interpretive Signs (for learning about natural/cultural history)
natural conditions
- Yes, Good Natural Conditions (minimum invasive species)
- Yes, Good Protection (lacks any signs of vandalism, garbage, illegal ATV's, dumping, etc)
public access
- Yes, Good Public Access (safe, adequate parking)
- Yes, Good Trails (well marked and maintained, minimal erosion)
wilderness experience
- quiet, secluded, pristine
What Needs Improvement - Recommendations
litter & trash rec.
- litter or trash observed along trails, beaches, and/or parking lots, grounds. Contact land manager and see if they can clean it up or if they can organize a clean up. Let Quality Parks know what you learned.
public access rec.
- either related to parking access, safety issues, or amenities ( ie. bathrooms availability); contact land manager with concerns related to site specific listing, and let Quality Parks know what you learned
trail rec.
- either trails are showing signs of erosion, poor signage, an access trail question, and/or in need of maintenance,  contact trail maintainers to address site specific concerns, and let Quality Parks know what you learned
wildlife rec.
- refer to the description for details, but this can include any of the following:  feeding ducks bread, feral cats, more to be added; contact land manager with your concerns, suggest an interpretive sign, but not sure if this would help.  Let Quality Parks know what you find out.
Belmont Lake State Park

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